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Blindfold ~ Daily Practice

My mind’s a bit of a blank this morning….so let’s see where this goes! The first line popped into my head and so I just followed it. I’ll call myself pleased with how that went!

“Tell me what you hear.”

I catch my breath at the brush of lips against the curl of my ear. For a moment all I can hear is the ocean wave surging of my racing heart.

“Shh.” Those lips, again, this time along my cheekbone. “I’m here.” I felt the absence of you’re ok like a tiny blow across my shoulders and sway on my knees. It is dark behind my eyelids, inside the silken grasp of her blindfold. My fingers flex on my bare thighs.

I hate blindfolds. No, no, no pounds inside my skull in time to my heartbeat, accompanying the waves. Why did I ask for this?

“What do you hear, my sweet. Tell me.” The heat of her radiates into my back, so close, so very close.

I swallow and inhale deeply. Again. Again. And finally the rushing in my ear subsides. “The wind is picking up,” I murmur and a quick, sharp slap on my ass makes me gasp.

“Just what you hear. No interpretations, remember?” The hot outline of her palm focuses my attention away from the blindfold.

“The chimes are going, both sets.” My brows pull against the fabric around my eyes. “Zsa Zsa’s barking at something. The kitchen sink is dripping again.” Somehow she knows my mind is following that off onto a list of todos and her fingers press into the glowing handprint on my left cheek. I pull in a sharp breath and tilt my head. A tiny, rhythmic sound reaches me.

“Sam is snoring. The a/c just..I mean there’s a whooshing sound.” She strokes her hand down my spine and I sigh, leaning into her.

“Keep going.”

There’s a ticking over there,” I nod off to my right. “A…hum…electric hum…too.” My heart rate has finally slowed and I turn my head. “That was your callouses through your hair. And,” I lick my lips, “footsteps? Um. Bare feet on the hardwood?” She still glows against me, my earthbound star hot against my back. “Oh,” I whisper as air is displaced before me.

“What else,” another, huskier, voice asks. A breath scented with mint tickles my jaw and another pair of lips ghosts across my brow.

“Oh fuck.”

“Keep going,” her voice, still behind me, her palm sliding along my hip.

My voice is little more than air through my lips. “Tiny sounds? Metal?” A small sharp sound makes me twitch then another and another. “Ahh. Um. Snaps.” My brain is unraveling the sounds faster than I can describe them. There are clothes being removed very close by. “Rustling, fabric, something just fell.”

She presses against my back and the feel of her breasts against my shoulders is a small moment of bliss. “Very good,” she whispers against my ear then there’s warmth very close to my front and soft wet sounds to my right and sounds from two throats. There’s a low hum of pleasure, familiar, loved, missed.

“Do you want it off,” the other voice asks very gently. My hands have reached out and found the dip of a bare waist.

“Want what off?” I ask and the rawness of my voice startles me. I’ve lost the focus beyond, can’t hear anything but the movements of the body behind me and the one in front of me and my own syncopating heart.

They both laugh, low throaty sounds rich with desire and suddenly I’m pressed between them and I’m dizzy with the delicious heat of it. It’s been so long, too long. I want to see her but I want this moment to stretch. A mouth slides along my neck and the long missed one is pressing kisses along my jaw.

“Welcome home,” slips from my lips as she closes the distance between us and I am lost in the slant of her mouth against mine.


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