Are you NaNo-ing?

NaNoWriMo is out of the gate! Are you taking up the challenge of fifty thousand words in 30 days?

Or maybe you’re tackling NaNoLoMo and reading and reviewing books through the month of November?

I’ve yet to decide exactly what I’m doing beyond an overall goal of increased productivity.  If a NaNoWriMo goal is reached it will be as a result of this, the same with NaNoLoMo.  I do know that I need to get writing, reading, and reviewing more!

So, here are my goals for November.

  • Finish rewrites, polish, and rename Dedication and get it to my publisher for release as a new edition
  • Finish rewrites and submit The Courier
  • Finish rough draft of The Last Feather(Novel is at 17.6K with a projected length of 40-50K)
  • Review final draft of Slipping Time for submission
  • Begin rewrites of Voyeur novella
  • Dive back into the Artist novella
There are other things that are on my list of todos, but these are my major writerly ones.  In addition to those I’m taking the fabulous Shanna Germain’s Stumbling Towards Ecstasy writing class for the next six weeks and I’m involved in some other projects that will call on a significant portion of my time.
Phew! Busy busy! I think I’ll not dwell on that list too much and just start checking things off!


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