Challenges, News and Such

And we’re off!

A while back..

Y’know, it used to be I said that and I meant a few weeks. Then it meant a few months.  Now…well, I think it means a couple years and more. Phew. Times flies when you age. Dammit, where’s my cane…


A while back I participated in the fatabulous Alison Tyler’s first Smut Marathon. I think I made it through two rounds…or was it three?…I can’t recall(anyone looking for my gray hair yet?) but I always wanted a chance to make a better showing of it. So, when I saw that AT was taking names for another run I just had to toss my hat in the ring.

Jeez. No one run me out on my mixed metaphors, ok? I’ve been up since five ayem and need more cofffeeeeeeeee!

Ok, so. First challenge was to pen our take on the perfect setting for an erotic story. Well. Jeez. You’d think that’d be easy enough to cook up, but I struggled! So. Think you can figure out which is mine? I dare you to try! And while you’re at it, vote for your fave, ok?

Cause, y’know, that’s what the Smut Marathon is all about. ;)

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